In 1989, Gérôme and Dolores Morand-Monteil created Château Terre Vieille, located on Maine de Biran’s property.

They developed the vineyard with their four children : Ombeline, Pierre, Mayeul and Paloma. Thus, Château Terre Vieille is a family vineyard in the middle of Périgord, in Pécharmant.

Pécharmant is a designation which stretches on the Dordogne hillsides in the northeast of Bergerac. We produce a very typical red wine, both powerful and aromatic on our 13-hectare vineyard.

Our wine is very traditional and our grapes grow in a clay soil.

After his studies at l’École des Cadres, Gérôme decided to left Paris to create his vineyard in Périgord. 

1992 : Birth of Pierre, the brother who takes over the vineyard.

Dolores first worked in a wine business in Bordeaux, and then developed the vineyard with Gérôme.

1995 : Birth of Mayeul, the designer of the labels.

1991 : Birth of Ombeline, it was a terrible year for the wine ! 

1997 : Birth of Paloma during the harvest.

Château Terre Vieille

Grateloup 24520 St Sauveur de Bergerac

TEL : 05 53 57 35 07 


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